Book Review: The Disaster Artist

The_Disaster_Artist.jpgIf you’ve ever seen the cinematic masterpiece, “The Room”, Greg Sestero’s The Disaster Artist is now your required reading. Sestero, as you may recall, played Mark (or, to Tommy Wiseau, “Lover Boy”). Also important: what made my reading of this book so entertaining was that I listened to the audiobook. Half of the fun is Sestero (also the narrator) impersonating his long-time pal Tommy, who is characterized as a passionate yet misguided genius who regularly says things like “Wazthebigdeal myGOD!” and insists that wearing two belts “holds his aahss aap”.

For those of us who are shamelessly charmed by the man, the mystery that is Tommy Wiseau, this book is a delight. Comical yet respectful, Sestero masterfully illustrates a man who (for better or worse) changed his life, and it’s the mix of hilarious absurdity and pathos that makes this book such an engaging read.

Rating: 4/5


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