Yet Another Character Who Broke My Heart: John Singer

mick-and-singerIf I were John Singer, I’d be going “what the hell these people are all crazy” every damn day. Singer, who is just as lonely as his disciples but cannot communicate it, is one of the most heartbreaking characters in fiction. His near-obsessive dependence on his best friend Spiros Antonopoulos is only elaborated upon during the brief moments when McCullers allows Singer a POV chapter. Despite the lack of POV presence, Singer manages to crush you when he writes to Spiros, “The way I need you is a loneliness I cannot bear”. That line holds the emotional crux of the whole book, which is the innate and inescapable pain buried within those who simply aren’t like other people. Being yourself and shunning conformity is an awesome way to be, but McCullers suggests that this is a hard, oftentimes painful way to live, and this thesis is reflected in John Singer’s character more than any other.


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