Still happens

  • My name is Brooke, hence the name “Bookester” (yes yes, I’m sooo clever)
  • I’ve been a bookworm throughout my life and my passion is writing about great literature
  • My dream is to get my PhD in American literature and while I’m not sure what I want to specialize in, here are some of my inclinations:
    • Native American literature
    • Modernism/The Lost Generation/Hemingway (I love these books more than most, but there are so many scholars in this area already, cha feel?)
    • American Writers in World War I
  • You’ll notice a lot of classic literature on my blog, and that’s because I prefer the good old classics over contemporary literature

About Posts:

  • All quotes, thought pieces, and journal entries come from books I’ve read
    • I would never write about something I’ve never read and I would feel lazy if I posted quotes from books I haven’t read.
  • This is NOT a spoiler-free nor profanity-free blog
    • My intention with this blog is to use it as a reading journal for myself, honest thoughts and all.
  • I obsessively collect quotes on the Quotable app, which is how I have so many on hand